Seaside Yoga Class Descriptions

Our goal at seasideYOGA is for every person who walks in and walks out of this space to gain something; to honor each individual and their personal journey by providing something for everyone. To leave feeling relaxed, empowered, at peace, motivated, and moved in some way shape or form.

seasideVINYASA integrates breath and movement, providing students with a space to explore a dynamic yoga flow carefully constructed to dive deeper into the mind/body connection.

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa classes are taught at a faster pace and with the integration of strength training incorporated into the vinyasa flow. Students are encouraged to further their individual yoga skills.

Beginner Yoga

Beginner classes are taught at a much slower pace with careful attention to alignment. Great for those new to the yoga practice and looking to further their knowledge in the field.

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness and is considered the most comprehensive yoga in that it combines physical postures/movement, breath work, chanting and meditation. This class will incorporate all of these aspects into an hour and fifteen minute class
Through the use of physical postures and movement (called a Kriya) the muscular, glandular, circulatory, and nervous systems are strengthened and balanced. Breathing techniques are employed to develop mastery over moods as well as processing emotions and life experiences. Lastly, meditation and sound current techniques bring about a state of harmony between body, mind and spirit.
In the glow of a dimly lit room postures come together to create a continuous flow, allowing the mind to relax and achieve a deeper meditation. While following the breath, a continuous rhythmic experience evolves moving through right & left sides. The practice becomes a moving meditation that balances effort & ease with strength & flexibility. Shining your inner light leaving you glowing from the inside out. This vinyasa yoga class is suitable for any experience level and closes with relaxation, massage and aromatherapy.

Seaside Yoga’s Slow Flow class offers the integration of breath and movement as in a typical vinyasa class, but at a slower pace. Poses are typically held for longer periods of time, breathing techniques that lend aid to maximize relaxation are incorporated, and more restorative poses are added in.

Yin is a meditative practice of sitting in stillness, in observation of self. Physically, by holding the shapes for longer periods of time, we can reprogram the connective tissue. When open and unrestricted, this network of tissue allows our joints and musculoskeletal systems to move with comfort and ease – leaving adequate space for optimal function of the vital organs. Mentally, this stillness can offer us insight on our present course of action and offer solutions to challenges that arise.