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With Alicia Barry
Sunday September 16, 2:00-4:00pm

In this workshop you will experience how these practices complement and work together for a full body rejuvenation, rebalancing and stress release.
In the first hour you will learn MFR techniques to shift stubborn tightness in the fascia (the connective tissue ) and muscles, helping to release habitual muscular patterns and chronic pain and enhancing everyday mobility. Similar to the hands of a skilled therapist, You will learn how to use a MFR ball for self treatment, finding and treating restrictions within our fascial system, easing blocked energies, built up pain responses and chronic tension.
In the second hour, you will relax into Yin yoga for a slow and mindful practice designed to wipe your stress away physically and mentally and bring you to an altered state of being. Yin yoga is a beautiful adjunct to a busy life or indeed a more yang style yoga practice. Yin Yoga restores connective tissue health by encouraging more flexible, mobile, supple joint. When the joints of the body become hardened by lack of movement or injury, the connective tissue becomes tighter and is less able to conduct chi through the meridians of the body. Therefore, when Yin restores connective tissue health, it simultaneously nourishes the meridians of the body and thus impacts the health of the organ systems as well. Yin Yoga enhances the flow of prana or chi' in the tissues around the joints, contributing to a balanced, healthy body.
Yin Yoga allows us to impact the subtle body through inward attention and intention. As we sink into the stillness of the Yin Pose, we envision expansiveness, spaciousness and health throughout.

COST: 25.00 early bird/ 30.00 at the door
Please visit seasideYOGA on MindBody to sign up for class.

Yin Yoga and Essential Oils with Alicia Barry
Sunday October 21, 2:00-4:00pm

Unmask your sense of self and restore balance with the nurturing power of Yin Yoga & Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Much like the trees outside that shed their leaves before winter, autumn is the most beneficial season for our systems to slow down, remove toxins, and release stress that weaken the inner body landscape.

As our energy shifts with the turn of the season, it is the perfect time to slow down, practice self-care and reflect on what is to come.

In this special 2-hour Yin practice, you’ll enjoy the effects of Yin yoga infused with the soothing fragrances of three essential oils through a diffuser. The selection of oils and the order in which they are used is designed to move stagnant energy, detoxify the body, calm the mind, relax the body, and restore equilibrium.

Let your body, heart, and mind connect with the blend of Yin yoga and plant medicine nourishing the tissues of the physical body, rebalancing energy and calming the nervous system as we listen to the deeper layers of our body’s fascia, bones, and marrow of our being.

**Due to the oils potency and possible skin sensitivity the oils will be diffused .

25.00 early bird/ 30.00 at the door

Please sign up via seasideYOGA on MindBody


During the month of September we are happy to announce the addition of a Breathing and Meditation classes with Allison Shumann.

With the integration of varying breathing techniques, Allison will lead you into a stream of peaceful stillness. Slowing your mind, body, and breath will allow all elements of the body to fully restore, leaving you feeling at ease upon your departure from this magical class.

Classes will take place on:
September 5th and 19th from 7:00pm to 7:45pm.

Drop-in pricing.